Nutcracker Scarf!

So, I’ve been at it again with the holiday scarves! Here’s a Nutcracker done on the Addi Express Professional BUT the concept can be applied to crochet, knitting or loom knitting!

Nutcracker ScarfSpecial thanks to Missy (raggedyanna6 on YouTube) for mentioning this! I’m a huge ballet fan and going to the Nutcracker Ballet is one of our Christmas Traditions. This was fun to create!

Missy asked me to be sure and tell the colors I used so they’re listed below but BY NO MEANS should you be limited by what I did! Get creative!

Materials I used:

Red Heart SuperSaver: Hunter Green, Correction: Medium Thyme, Cherry Red, Soft Navy, Gold
Impeccable: True Grey
Vanna’s Choice: Soft Pink
Googly Eyes
A couple miscellaneous buttons
6 very tiny black buttons
tapestry needle

To hear some of the particulars (like why I used fringe on the bottoms, how to trim the beard and mustache, etc.) See my video:

Here are the measurements which are especially helpful if your planning to crochet, knit or loom knit this guy. Click to enlarge.

Nutcracker Scarf MeasurementsHave Fun Creating!

14 thoughts on “Nutcracker Scarf!

  1. thank you so much my daughter will be over the moon when she gets hers now if i can jus tfgure out how to do a ballet dancer!!! you are so helpful to challenged people like me who need explicit directions and have no eye for color again cannot thank you enough!!!
    missy aka raggedyanna6 on youtube

  2. ha ha my son just said hey wheres rudolph i have to post pics of the snowman one i have done and almost done wih a santa one then the nutcracker!!

  3. Hi, Margaret.

    I absolutely LOVE your Santa, Snowman, and Nutcracker circular scarves. Would you grant permission for me to convert the patterns for use with flatbed knitting machines such as Brother, Silver Reed, etc. and to publish them in the Carolinas Machine Knitting Guild newsletter, including the pictures you shared on YouTube with measurements? I’d give full credit to you, specifically mentioning your name and that you granted permission for the patterns to be converted, and the pictures to be used.

    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. (I’ll send this same message on Facebook and other social media in hopes of hearing back from you soon.)

    Best wishes for a joyous holiday season!

    • Of course! I’d be honored to be “shared” so professionally! Do you have a website or blog that I could share in return?! I have some machine knitters who subscribe to my YouTube channel who may be interested in your versions!

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  5. Can you tell us what size tiny buttons you use and what size mm for the eyes? The eyes come in all sort of sizes and it is very hard to determine the size before it is done, can you assist?

    • Oh, goodness… I don’t remember! The buttons are the smallest size buttons available so those are easy to find. Re: the eyes… As I demonstrated in the Snake Scarf and Santa Scarf videos, you can change the personality with different eye choices and placement. I suggest you bring your scarf to the store and choose the eyes that appeal to you most.

      Important note: you may want to buy safety eyes if you’re selling your work. There are so many crazy sue-happy people out there these days. Our church can’t even sell used plastic kitchen utensils in our big rummage sale because the church was once sued because someone got sick from “bacteria that can live inside plastic items.” Just something to consider.

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