Snowman Scarf!

Here’s another holiday scarf you can adapt for any yarn craft: crochet, knit, loom knit or, as I did, the Addi Professional! So how cute is this?!

Snowman ScarfI used the Santa Scarf as my pattern so it’s basically the same thing BUT I used a different brand of yarn. Santa is Vanna’s Choice and Snowman is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn. There are slight differences in measurements due to the fact that I Love This Yarn is a bit thinner than Vanna’s Choice. (See this interesting blog post about #4 worsted comparisons.)

I made the carrot nose button from polymer clay but ready-made buttons are available. I’ve only seen them online but I’m sure some crafty retailer has them in stock in their stores!

More information on this design is here in my Addi tutorial video:

Use these basic measurements as a guide. Click to enlarge the picture.

Snowman measurements

ATTENTION LOOM KNITTERS: A member of Loomaholics (group on Google+) found this loom knit, double face snowman scarf you might like!

28 thoughts on “Snowman Scarf!

    • I have no idea how many loom knitting rows it is but I gave you the measurements of each color for you to use as a guide. Keep your tape measure handy as you work and stop when you’re happy with the length.

  1. hi i used the clover pom pom makers how do you have your pom poms not pull apart???? afraid it will fall apart in the wash also how long is the carrot thank you so much!

    • Hmmm… My poms don’t just pull apart. I suppose they would if I really worked at it! Just make sure you’re pulling/knotting very tightly before you remove it from the pom pom maker. Clover Needlecraft made this demonstration video that you may find helpful. I’ve never washed a pom so i’m not sure about that! I made the polymer clay carrots about 1.25″ long.

      • hi another quick question I am using vanna choice for the snowman and the santa scarf i am not getting as many rows per skein do you wind your yarn? I did because none of my vannas choice had a center pull for the skein? thanks so much

      • You have to really search for that center pull but it’s there… at least that’s been my experience. I usually don’t wind brand new skeins. I wait until some has been used and the rest is all floppy in the wrapper!

      • thank you so much i saw the nutcracker on youtube it wouldnt let me comment so going to comment here LOVE IT!!!! please tell me you are going to do a tutorial and what colors red heart you used THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

      • oh my gosh YAY that was my suggestio n on y outube!!! my daughter will be over the moon! what colors what brand are you working on gotta be ready! your instructions are so clear love love your videos!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

      • That’s crazy, Missy! I’m so glad you saw this post!! I chose a forest green color (not sure of the brands at the moment) for the main part, navy blue for his hat, that peach color I used on Santa for his face, a red coat, gray drum and navy pants and there will be gold fringe on each end to be reminiscent of epaulettes a real soldier would have on his shoulders… but look at some pictures of nutcrackers to choose your colors! But then again… wait until you see him ’cause he may not be as exciting as you’re hoping!

      • I cant wait! I need all the help i can get! I love the brands and colors you choose. thank you so much! I have never enjoyed the Addi more since I found you on youtube! Doing hats for our city mission too.

    • Don’t have any plans for that, sweet Randee! I design them, measure all the pieces and parts for others to use a guide, make videos and post notes on the blog… it’s up to the individual crafter to take it from there! Besides, you know more about looming those scarves than I do! I’ll get the video and notes for the Nutcracker up soon and you can use your Santa and Snowman to help you figure out how many rows of each color to do.

    • Wow! Thank you for such kind words, Caryn! I need to tell you, though… I find this wonderful YouTube yarn community to be my inspiration! I’ve learned so much over the past few years so it’s nice to hear that I have a tidbit or two of value to give back. 🙂

    • You don’t need detailed crochet instructions! Just choose your stitch and refer to the measurements I provide! Easy peasey! For example: these are 3″ wide tube scarves so chain about 6-7 inches; join and continue making a tube (I’d use single or half-double crochet. Change colors when your measurements indicate. Stop when it’s the length you want. Add the embellishments just as indicated for the knitted version. Done!

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  3. hi how do you sew your buttons on do you just sew them on and have stitches showing on the back of the knitting? thank you!!!!

    • No stitches should show on the back of the knitting! Just put the needle through the top layer. I just tip the button up and look under it as I go and since knitting is rather stretchy and flexible it’s easy to do. Sometimes it helps if you pinch/fold that top layer right under the button after you get started. Someone else waits to close the bottom so she can stick her hand into the scarf but I find that much more awkward. Of course, you could always use a jewel glue instead!

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