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About Margaret:

Christian, wife, mother, incessant researcher, techno nerd, animal lover, Disney fan, health/nutrition nut, horse adorin’ English rider, yarn crazy!

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  1. Hi Margaret, I just got an addi kingsize and I am so happy to find your videos EXCELLENT!!! I love your creations and your great commentary and explanations. I have two questions: have you done anything with “fun” yarn – haven’t had much luck with it. And, Is there a secret to picking up a dropped stitch if you don’t discover it for awhile?

    • Hi, Michelle! Glad I’ve “found” you, too! No, I haven’t tried Fun Yarn (I think you’re talking about that inexpensive yarn from Lion Brand??) I do have some and will be happy to give it a go and let you know. As for the dropped stitch… I just get frustrated and frog it so don’t go by me! Watch Katherine’s video explaining how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9X60IPJSGM Also, if you’re on Facebook, ask to join the Addi King Loomers and Knits group. There are people on there who are much more Addi-experienced than I!!

      • Thank you! I am still going through all the wonderful videos you have posted. They are awesome and inspiring! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi there, Margaret!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog and videos! I am new to crocheting and loom knitting and was fortunate to find your videos and blog. Thank you for all the wonderful instruction and advice. I have to say you have encouraged me to continue learning and grow in my love for yarn! I was hoping to get a bit of guidance from you. I plan to order an addi but I do not know which size I should begin with. I plan to knit for family and charity. Would you offer guidance as to which Add to order first and from where you recommend ordering? Many thanks!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Cynthia! And yes… keep learning right along with me! The crazy thing is I’m just goofy enough to put all my successes AND FAILURES out there for the world to see! Ha!

      I get asked this question all the time and I cringe every time! I love both machines and each has it’s own list of favorable points. But I suppose, if I could only have one, I’d choose the king size. Once you master flat panels, you can figure out how to do the things you could do with the small one. (Of course, that would involve seaming but it WOULD get the job done.) Conversely, the same could be said for the small one… you could seam 2 panels together to get a bigger fabric. But if you’re knitting for kids and adults, I’d say go for the King size. I hope this confusing recommendation is making sense!

      • Thanks so much for the quick response. I have say I love that you are willing to share your “failures”. My daughter and I get so tickled with you which makes your videos so fun. As a fellow teacher, I know you know our “failures” can sometimes be our greatest successes. I learn so much from your all of your projects. 🙂 Thanks for your guidance concerning the addi. Can you do the children’s reversible hats and the cute scarves on the king size addi? Do you have a recommendation on where I should order my addi?
        Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I will be seeing you on youtube!

      • Absolutely failures are golden! Didn’t Edison say something like “I haven’t failed 1,000 times. I’ve found 999 ways that won’t work!” I’m so glad you can laugh along with me! Yes, you can do children’s reversible hats. Actually, it’s probably more suited for children’s sizes. HOWEVER, you can vary the sizes by changing the yarn: http://youtu.be/xNiXXRA9DnA No specific suggestions on where to buy it. I got my King Size from ebay (China). It was a better price but I did have to wait longer for it.

  3. Cynthia, i got my king size from a seller on ebay voetl for $205. I made an offer and this was the price seller gave me firmly and free shipping from Netherlands. I got it within a week. I add both from this seller and happy. Between the two i made more hats on the king size. Still havent mastered flat panel yet.


  4. Margaret,
    I was wondering if you have tried the bulky 5 charisma yarn? If yes does your addi have problems when you turn the crank? Mine sometimes wont turn/knit unless i hold it close to crank and not the handle. I was afraid it would jump the track not sure how to say it but i cringed and tried to finish the hat and it came out thick and pretty unlike the worseted yarn size 4. But I dont think I will use this bulky 5 yarn I’m scared I will break my addi. Were you able to try any bulky 5 yarn? If so which brand would work on the king size addi?


    • No… I’ve never tried any type of bulky on my machine but I know others have. Search “Pam Loomer” on YouTube and look for the video she entitled “My First Scarf” or something like that. I remember her using some type of bulky. I’m so pleased with the #4 worsted that I never had a desire to try the bulky.

  5. Margret, I recently got an ad i and am knitting hats out like a storm. I bought one because you described it so cool and I’m a charity knitter.
    P.S my channel is Matild Krieg and Craftykrieg and blog bloggingwithmatilda”mattie” I would love it if you could subscribe to me I will be making some addi videos.

    • No newsletter, Kim, but weekly YouTube videos are pretty regular. I try to get one out every Tuesday but life often gets in the way and delays it a day or two sometimes. 🙂

  6. Hi Margaret! My name is Lizzy and I’ve started knitting recently and I watched your youtube video on making tassels and pompoms and I have a question about the scarf you used in that video. You had made a scarf in red heart unforgettable I believe, and you were attaching tassels to it. I was wondering if I could have that pattern for that scarf from you? It is in stockinette stitch and looks like it was knitted in the round maybe but I can’t find any patterns like it so I was wondering if I could get it from you. Thanks!

    • That scarf was done on the Addi Express King Size and youre exactky right. Its done in the round. When the tube lies flat it measures 5″ across and is 6′ long. The ends are gathered abd tasseks attached! Very easy!

      • Look at the column on the right of this page and click the “Addi Express” link under Categories. The post entitled “FAQs about Addi Express Knitting Machines” should answer your questions. Also in that category are all the videos demonstrating different projects. Any of the scarf videos will show you how to gather the ends of a scarf. If you’re knitting with needles, the gathering is done the same way.

  7. Oh ok, is there any way I could make the scarf with straight needles? I would think just knit in stockinette stitch until required length, seam the sides together, and then gather the ends?

      • Thank you so much Margaret. It’s been really hard trying to find knitting help because all the women in my family crochet (which is what i’m trying to do now), but none knit so getting help has been next to impossible. Thank you so much for the quick responses and I appreciate your help so much! Thanks again and I hope you have a great new year!

  8. I totally learned all my crochet and knit knowledge from YouTube! I know NO ONE around here who could teach me and as a result I’ve found many like-minded friends in the process. Welcome to the club!

  9. You have turned me onto buying the Addi Express! I have a question though, I am a crocheter and what I desire for most is knitted socks. I assume I can do this on the Addi but I can’t seem to find a tutorial anywhere for it. Do you have any suggestions/thoughts?

    • Elizabeth! I am so sorry! I totally missed your question somehow! I guess you’ve figured it out by now but the Addi Express doesn’t work well with sock yarn so you’ll get more like “slipper socks” using #4 worsted. Heels can’t be done on the machine but some have done afterthought heels after removing it from the machine.

  10. Hi Margaret. I just love your videos. And I’m so glad you have some on the addi knitting machine. I came across this video on dog sweater using the addi knitting machine and it also appears that the lady is crocheting the finishing edges as well. Only one problem, it is in German. I was wondering if you might be up to the task of trying this out and posting a video on this. I would love to see what you come up with. Here is a link to the video. http://youtu.be/yMyR08nXT4I

    • Oh, Josh… that particular woman is very unpleasant about people doing English versions of her stuff. (A friend had a rather hurtful experience regarding her sock video.) However, I have 2 ideas: 1) Click the icon that looks like a gear on her video and make sure you have your Annotations turned on. She has written some English instructions at various point in this video to explain what she’s doing. 2) If you’re able to watch on a tablet or phone, lay the device on a table, load the video and then carefully spin the device 180 degrees so that you can see what she’s doing from her point of view. (She should flip the video in the editing process herself but this is a workaround.) 3) One of the first things Erin (Gimmeyarn418) made on her Addi was a dog sweater. I’ll see if she is willing to do her version. If not, I’m sure she’ll tell me how and we’ll go from there.

  11. Hi Margaret,
    I have been following you on YouTube for a while now, thank you for your wonderful videos. I have owned a innovations knitting machine for a while but never used it that much until I saw you Addi Machine videos. You even inspired me enough to figure out a way to put a row counter on my machine. When you made the finger-less gloves and the smaller one, after making a single glove on my smaller singer circular machine, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy the Addi. You have given me so much inspiration, this is truly make my charity knitting so much more pleasurable and productive.
    Thanks again and keep the videos coming 🙂

    • What sweet words, Pam! Thank you! I’d love to hear how you devised a counter. That’s ingenious and I know several frustrated Addi owners who would love to replace theirs! Yay for another charity knitter!

  12. Hi Margaret, I am a newcomer to your vlogs, and am so enjoying them. And speaking of, I just watched vlog #92 in which you showed a knitted kitty sitting in front of your long-hair tabby. I love cats, and wondered if you have a pattern or a link for it. May I ask what the names of your kitties are? They so sweet, and beautiful too. Thank you. Joanna

    • Oh, Joanna! I’m just now seeing this! Sorry for the late response! Actually, that’s a crocheted kitty and I try to put links to all patterns I mention in the description box of the video. I’ve been known to forget so be sure to remind me if you don’t see something you’re looking for! I checked and here’s what I have in the description box: “Crochet Kitty: http://bizzycrochet.blogspot.com/2013/11/crochet-kitty.html NOTE: This called for a single crochet tail… I used an icord instead. (4 sc in the round until I got it to the length I wanted.)” If you need a knitted version, there’s “Beans the Cat” http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/beans-the-cat-knitting-pattern The long haired kitty in this video is Smitty and the torti is Calico (I didn’t name her) but I call her Cozy (because I used to call her her Calicozy for fun). She was a stray that wandered up to the barn where I rode horses. The barn cats were mean to her so I brought her home with me!

  13. Margaret, you are such a joy to watch. I love how positive you are and spunky. My mom and had such a bond over crafts. You remind me a lot of her. When she passed away I threw myself into knitting and crocheting. It’s an amazing companion in times of need. You also are an amazing companion. I watch you because I love what you do but mostly you sweet kind soul fills me with warmth. You family is beyond blessed to have you. Thank you ❤

    • Goodness, Katie! What sweet words to wake up to this morning! Guess what?! I found knitting and crochet during a dark time in my life, too, and you’re exactly right… it IS an amazing companion in times of need. Today, it’s become a need in itself… it calms and centers me. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing and I’m honored to think I remind you of her in a small way. 💙 Sending hugs! 💙

  14. Thank you for all of your tips and trick videos for the Addi Express king size. I recently purchased one for my mom. She likes to knit hats for the homeless this time of year. I assembled the Addi and she has been having lots of problems with it. I was wondering if you could give me a list of the best yarn ( brand , weight, etc…) to use with the Addi? We mostly get our yarn from Michaels and Walmart from time to time and was hoping there was a good yarn to use from either of those stores? I hate seeing her get so frustrated. She is elderly and I bought her the Addi to bring some joy into her life and not be a problem for her. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Oh goodness… I hate to disappoint you but there is no such list. I have a video where I explain that each machine seems to have its own preferences… as strange as that sounds. (At the top on this page is a link to a list of everything I know about these machines complete with a list to all my tutorials where you’ll find the one about incompatible yarn and some tips and tricks to try while you’re testing different brands.) My Addi loves Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand. You may want to try some of the light worsteds too, like Caron Simply Soft. It’s a game of trial and error. What works for some people is a no-go for others. Wish I had some words to quickly solve your problem!

  15. Hello, Margaret. I have an Addi 46er and just acquired a 22ee. I have had beautiful results with Patton’s classic wool worsted yarn. It is labeled as 4-weight, but actually is a bit heavier. Other yarns have been less successful. I’d like to branch out. Will you please list yarns you have used that work well on the Addis? Also, I’ll appreciate advice about choosing yarn. Thank you!

    • You don’t. It’s generally a static problem and while there have been many “tricks” offered, like holding a dryer sheet in your left hand while feeding the yarn in, I’ve never found one that corrects the problem. Wool yarn usually works better than acrylic when it comes to static problems. Many people have purchases 3rd party counters and attached them but I don’t know much more than that. Join the Facebook Group Addi King Loomers and Knits and there are plenty of files to help you with lots of general questions. (See this page for more helpful links: https://sheepishlysharing.com/circular-knitting-machines-useful-links-like-the-addi-express/)

  16. Hi Margaret,
    I caught you on YouTube and then came upon this page. I have questions about circular knitting machines. I want to use a machine to make kids, baby, and preemie hats but I don’t understand which size to buy. Can you make different size hats on any machine? What size machine is the most versatile?

  17. Hi Margaret,

    Thank you soooo much for your delightful and instructive website/utube tutorials. After watching several, I took the semi-plunge and bought a generic circular knitting machine. It has 48 needles and a counter that works! 🙂 :-0

    Ive made four double sided hats so far; variegated or striping yarn on one side, plain on the other. I am very happy with them. They look/feel great and are using up my yarn stash. Yay!!

    I would like to venture into stripes but dont like the “jogging” we get with curcular knitting. Ive tried a few techniques from online videos but am not happy with the results. I was wondering what method you use/would recommend?

    Kindest regards to you dear lady.
    Thank you again for all that you give to us!

    • I’m the wrong person to ask because I don’t bother with jogs for machine knitting. When doing tube scarves, someone once suggested situating the jogs on the sides of the scarf and then they’re never noticed!

  18. In regard to the “jogless” jog on circular knitting…I found a video on how not to end up with the jog and, as it seemed easy I tried it on the very first scarf I’ve ever made on the machine that I ‘d owned for approximately 30 minutes and failed miserably. Eventually I ended up taking the scarf off the machine, winding it back into a yarn cake and doing it over…with the jog. I put the jog on the side of the scarf and it doesn’t show at all…or at least not to the point it bothers me even the least little bit. This morning I plan to do the hand finishing on the scarf and start on the matching hat.

    Margaret…my husband and I enjoy your videos so much! We refer to you as “me, Margaret” since that’s what you say at the beginning of every one. LOL In my opinion, your videos are the best of all the Addi Express videos out there. They are educational, entertaining and done so well I am always able to understand exactly what you are actually doing.

    • What a nice compliment! Thank you, Linda! I DO know that I’m using incorrect grammar when I say “it’s me, Margaret” but I just like alliteration! And yes, putting the jog on the side of a scarf is what I do now, too, but there’s no easy fix like that for a hat!! (Frankly, I don’t worry about it but I’m sure it would drive perfectionists crazy!!)

      • When I hear you say, “Hi. It’s me, Margaret” I feel like a friend has come to visit. I finished my first project and boy, did I learn a lot! I made your Santa scarf and decided I needed to make a Santa hat to match. The scarf was pretty simple (except for trying to do the jogless jog and having to start over) but the hat!! Nothing but trouble with the hat. But now I know the “right” way to do it and will make another one tomorrow. The measurements are right anyway and the hat is pretty cute even with it’s problems. Happy Fourth of July!

  19. Hi Margaret it’s me, Margaret 🙂 (I really like your intro and wanted to borrow it since that’s also my name; I usually go by Meg though). I have an Addi King with the older digital row counter, and it’s working fine for me. I don’t have a Professional yet but was thinking of getting one as a replacement for a 20-needle circular machine I have; I like the Addis’ yarn guide and would love to have a built-in row counter. That has been changed though to a mechanical counter and from what I’ve read – and seen, on a video – it’s really loud. I know this will annoy me but I’m also concerned it will bother my roommate (aka brother), who sleeps odd hours.

    I’m thinking you have older Addis, with the digital counter. Have you tried any of the newer ones with the mechanical counter and if so, what do you think of them (for example, have they gotten any quieter?) Also, I’ve been looking for an older Professional but haven’t had much luck with that so if you have any suggestions for that search I would really appreciate it. I haven’t found any machines that definitely have the older counter, and in fact most of the sellers seem to be outside the US, which means a return wouldn’t be an option. I should also mention that I don’t do social media so I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone that way.

    I just watched your video comparing the “toy” machines. As I expected, it was really helpful so I may just buy one of the ones with the Addi-type yarn guide. But I haven’t quite given up on an older Professional yet. 🙂

    Thank you for any help you can provide with this.

    • I’m sorry, Meg, but I’m no help with any of these questions! I don’t know a thing about the new machines and if you can’t find an older machine on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, then I have no other suggestion for you!

  20. Hi Margaret:
    Like everyone else here I’m new to knitting machines and found your videos you always make my day after watching you you are funny,kind,soft spoken,and WOW your videos are AWESOME you make trying to understand this new hobby soooo easy to understand and I’m a leftie!!🤣🤣😂😂Thank the good LORD for you!!! Thank you, Thank you!!
    I do have a question if you don’t mind. Can you use the Addi stoppers on the generic machines?
    Someday after I’ve mastered the generic machines I want to get the Addi King. But until then I thought the stoppers might work on the others.
    Thank you sooo much for your help with my question😁😁
    God blessings to you!!😇😇😇😇


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