Viewers’ Favorite Kitchener Stitch Assistance!

In a recent Sheepishly Sharing video, I mentioned that the Kitchener stitch was challenging for me. But, true-to-form, my subscribers are the most helpful bunch and shared some of their favorite tricks and videos that helped them master this beast! Here’s all that good info right here on one page!

pipersmom shared:
Hi Margaret, this is a link to a youtube video for the kitchener stitch that gave me that light bulb moment. Since I’ve watched it I’ve not had a problem remembering how to do it, I never have to look up the steps. The only change I’ve made is that for the toe of socks I fond it unnecessary to do the set up stitches.  Memorize the Kitchener Stitch

Victoria Murphy shared:
I discovered a video by Susan B. Anderson, YouTube. She has a way of helping you focus on the kitchener stitch. I repeat her mantra while doing it and it helps. Kitchener Stitch to Finish a Sock

Christina Schuricht shared:
…i wanted to share a link to a Kitchener stitch video that helped me a great deal.. maybe it could help someone else like it did me… it’s from Kitchener Stitch Seaming on Stockinette

Connie Alman shared:
Thought I would share this for you on the kitchener stitch- I buy yarn from and on the back of her yarn labels she has a short step by step of the kitchener stitch it is now so easy for me.

1. Front purl, on
2. Back knit, on

1. Front knit, off
2. Front purl, on
3. Back purl, off
4. Back knit, on

I find this just amazing, so easy to understand. Hope you like it.

Erin (GimmeYarn418) demonstrates her method and agrees with pipersmom above re: the set up… not necessary on socks.

Maren R shared:
I wanted to share my favored way of making the Kitchener stitch. This link shows you how to knit the Kitchener stitch instead of sewing 🙂 How to knit (not sew!) Kitchener stitch aka grafting

Instamat1c shared…
Hi Margaret. I found this video that I thought was helpful for those of us that struggle with/dislike doing the Kitchener stitch and figured I would share it: Russian Grafting – How to join live stitches with a crochet hook.

Filming Tutorials from Overhead #2

Here’s the set up I currently use to film my tutorials. It’s super low tech and very effective (and virtually FREE)!

OR, if you’d rather use a tripod, then see what you think about this option:

“Reviving” a Dead Internet Link

Have you ever been excited about a pattern only to click on the link and find it inoperable? Disappointing, isn’t it? Well, all hope is not lost until you’ve tried the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. See a demo here:

Filming Tutorials from Overhead

Once again, I admit my ignorance to the world as I show the easiest, most obvious way to film a craft/art tutorial from above! Since I posted this video, I’m feeling much better about myself for overlooking this solution as there appears to be many who found it helpful! AND… if you search YouTube for ways to get this job done, you’ll see some crazy contraptions out there trying to accomplish the same thing!

Key things to remember:

1) Your setup needs to be stable so your camera is safe.

2) Your work area needs to be clear of obstructions so there’s a clear view AND so you don’t accidentally knock your camera over!

3) And to make it move from a “Good Tutorial” to a “Great Tutorial,” make sure the finished video is presented from the perspective of the teacher!

Here’s How:

Photography on a Budget

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion to share how I take pictures of my yarn work so here I am! If you are really into photography, then this video is not for you. These are simple, basic tips for making the most of what you already have to make quality shots for online sales.

Part 1:

Part 2: