“Reviving” a Dead Internet Link

Have you ever been excited about a pattern only to click on the link and find it inoperable? Disappointing, isn’t it? Well, all hope is not lost until you’ve tried the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. See a demo here:

4 thoughts on ““Reviving” a Dead Internet Link

  1. Found this yarn site. Good quality yarn at dirt cheap prices. I know you are trying to hault buying yarn but I thought maybe you would like the address anyways.
    Yarn as low as 50 cents. You do have to buy in 3 bulk packages and up but at that price its enough for small or big projects. Check the yardage and weight too. Have a great weekend 🙂
    I look forward to you videos every week!

  2. Does anyone have a quick pattern for knitting fingerlessential gloves? Patients taking chemo need their fingers free but it is very cold in the room. St Francis Hospital in Tulsa has asked for gloves. I knit, but it is so slow using do needles. I have a Singer knitting machine for kids, but havery never used it. If anyone has a pattern for a circular loom, I would attempt it. I could learn to crochet if there is a faster pattern. I would just like to help people who are already uncomfortable, so please let me know about a quick easy pattern. Thanks so much.

    • Have you checked Ravelry? I’m in the process of editing a tutorial on fingerless gloves on the Addi Express Professional (little one) but don’t bother with the Singer knitting machine. (Look under the Addi Express Category for review of that Singer.) I’ve crocheted some fingerless gloves a while back but to me they weren’t quick and easy! I’m sure there are loom knitting patterns out there. Try a Google search.

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