Circular Knitting Machines Useful Links (like the Addi Express)

I get so many questions about these machines that I’m giving them their own special page on my blog! Keep reading!

Useful links


Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions for the Addi King Size and the Addi Professional. (Much of this info applies to circular knitting machines in general regardless of brand.)

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“Where can I buy these circular knitting machines?” Note that I can only help you with USA links. If you can’t purchase from these links in your country, I don’t know what to tell you!Β (some affiliate links)

  • Addi Express King Size
  • Addi Express ProfessionalΒ 
  • Singer Knitting Machine – new versionΒ ( Inexpensive option for small machine. I own this one and recommend only if you can affix it to the table in some way. See my unboxing and initial review here.)
  • NSI Knitting Machine (Inexpensive option for small machine. My friend owns this and you can see her review HERE.)
  • Prym Knitting MillΒ (cheaper option for larger machine that I learned of by word-of-mouth)
  • Innovations (44 needles; cheaper option for larger machine that I learned of by word-of-mouth): Google it!
  • Michael’s Craft stores carry the Loops & Threads Knit QuickΒ which I DO own and recommend. (40 needles… in-between size) See it’s review HERE.

    UPDATE: This machine seems to be inconsistent in production quality. Many people report broken gears soon after purchase while others do not. Mine lasted a good while but I eventually wore it out, too. HERE is my follow-up review.

  • There are others but I don’t have first-hand knowledge of them OR have heard any reviews from people I trust yet.

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“Where is your Addi Tutorial for _______________?”Β All my Addi Tutorials can be found HERE.

“I don’t have an Addi. Will you make tutorials for my machine?” There’s no need! What works on the Addi will work on other circular knitting machines. You may have to adjust patterns/sizes for your machine (some differ in number of needles) but the concept is the same.

“What’s the name of that Addi Facebook Group you like so much?” That would be Addi King Loomers and KnitsΒ ownedΒ by Suzy Notting. At the time of this posting, she has createdΒ the most comprehensive list of projects, info and tutorials that I know of and pinned post at the top with a link to the library for easy reference! Note that this group is for ALL yarn crafts but it’s the best resource for Circular Knitting Information. There are plenty of people there than can help you with specific questions, too.

Also, a recently established treasure is Fatima’s Addi King and Pro Techniques on Facebook! Fatima is the master and can make these machines do her bidding!