Fun Pom Pom Scarf

ted baker scarfWhile Christmas shopping online, I ran across this Ted Baker “Tizzy” Pom Pom scarf for $125 at Bloomingdales. It’s no longer available but you can purchase it from the designer’s site for the same price if that floats your boat.

pom pom scarf

Naturally, this prompted the “I Can Make That”

mindset so, knowing I couldn’t get the nice materials Ted used, I went with a more silly option with endless theme or color choices. Since it’s close to Christmas, I was thinking about Santa and thus, we have this version!

This was a simple, fun and fast project and I can see it being a great indoor project for kids to tackle. It took about 2+ skeins of Herrschener’s Worsted 8 yarn. (It was hard to tell because I used scraps along with one brand new skein.)

Here ‘s the tutorial:

Addi Express: Dog Scarf!

Feeling Christmas-y so I wanted to dress up Bentley. However, a shepherd-mix has too much fur for a sweater so I decided on this!

Looking for more Holiday Addi Express projects? How about a Snowman Scarf Tutorial, Santa Scarf Tutorial or Nutcracker Scarf Tutorial?

Addi Snowman ScarfAddi Santa ScarfAddi Nutcracker Scarf

Tutorial: Getting Clean, Straight Edges on a Knitted Tube Scarf

Nice, clean edges. Optional fringe can be added.

Nice, clean edges. Optional fringe can be added.

I love the double thickness of a tube scarf but getting the ends nice and neat is a challenge. I’ve finally found a solution I like and it can be done with knitting needles OR a crochet hook!

If you’re a knitter (which I am NOT), you’ll be familiar with the Three Needle Bind Off. That’s what you’ll do to finish your scarf ends. For me, a crocheter, I watched the video, got out the knitting needles, managed to get it done BUT… in the process, I learned exactly what was going on and realized that the same thing can be achieved with a crochet hook! Even my knitting friends say they find this easier to do.

If this is sounding familiar, I’ve already done a blog and video on this technique while seaming a square baby hat. But rather than putting right sides together, we’ll reverse that for our scarf ends so we’ll have the resulting chain lying across the end.

Here’s a demo and this is GREAT for Addi Express knitting machine scarves:

Nutcracker Scarf!

So, I’ve been at it again with the holiday scarves! Here’s a Nutcracker done on the Addi Express Professional BUT the concept can be applied to crochet, knitting or loom knitting!

Nutcracker ScarfSpecial thanks to Missy (raggedyanna6 on YouTube) for mentioning this! I’m a huge ballet fan and going to the Nutcracker Ballet is one of our Christmas Traditions. This was fun to create!

Missy asked me to be sure and tell the colors I used so they’re listed below but BY NO MEANS should you be limited by what I did! Get creative!

Materials I used:

Red Heart SuperSaver: Hunter Green, Correction: Medium Thyme, Cherry Red, Soft Navy, Gold
Impeccable: True Grey
Vanna’s Choice: Soft Pink
Googly Eyes
A couple miscellaneous buttons
6 very tiny black buttons
tapestry needle

To hear some of the particulars (like why I used fringe on the bottoms, how to trim the beard and mustache, etc.) See my video:

Here are the measurements which are especially helpful if your planning to crochet, knit or loom knit this guy. Click to enlarge.

Nutcracker Scarf MeasurementsHave Fun Creating!

Snowman Scarf!

Here’s another holiday scarf you can adapt for any yarn craft: crochet, knit, loom knit or, as I did, the Addi Professional! So how cute is this?!

Snowman ScarfI used the Santa Scarf as my pattern so it’s basically the same thing BUT I used a different brand of yarn. Santa is Vanna’s Choice and Snowman is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn. There are slight differences in measurements due to the fact that I Love This Yarn is a bit thinner than Vanna’s Choice. (See this interesting blog post about #4 worsted comparisons.)

I made the carrot nose button from polymer clay but ready-made buttons are available. I’ve only seen them online but I’m sure some crafty retailer has them in stock in their stores!

More information on this design is here in my Addi tutorial video:

Use these basic measurements as a guide. Click to enlarge the picture.

Snowman measurements

ATTENTION LOOM KNITTERS: A member of Loomaholics (group on Google+) found this loom knit, double face snowman scarf you might like!

How to Make Tassels of Yarn

Tassels! Dress up a scarf or use for home decor!

Easy-To-Make Tassels!

Basically, you wrap yarn around a DVD case, cut one end, tie a knot around the middle, fold and gather it closed. Confused?? This is much easier demonstrated than written and read! Take a look:

Snake Scarf!



Keeping with the “multi-stitcheral” theme (meaning all the yarn crafts)… I give you a Snake Scarf!

Again, because there are so few Addi Express Knitting Machine tutorials on YouTube, I chose to make it with my small Addi (more properly known as the Addi Professional).

General Instructions:

1. Basically, I knitted a small tube until the yarn ran out. (Black/gray was Vanna’s Choice “Charcoal Print” and the Green multi was Loops and Threads Impeccable “Sage Butter”)

2. Then I Inserted a red chain of scrap yarn (crocheted 14 chains and fastened off) in one end for the tongue, secured it and gathered the tube around it securing the closure.

3. I Gathered the other end to finish the snake’s body.

4. Finally, I choose and attached buttons for the eyes. That’s it.

Here’s the video tutorial:

Santa Scarf!


Stumbling across this: How to make a fleece Santa Scarf, I thought I had the original idea to translate this idea into yarn. After I went to the trouble to create a prototype on my Addi Express Professional knitting machine, I later learned that many yarn lovers have had similar ideas! (So much for my brilliant creativity!)

Anyway, here’s the recipe and a video of how to create this scarf on your crank knitter:

Hat: 240 rows (I used Vanna’s Choice “Scarlet”)
Brim: 6 rows (Lion Brand Jiffy “White”)
Face: 12-13 rows (Vanna’s Choice “Pink”)
Beard: 14 rows White
Moustache: 5 – 3″ strips of white
Pom Pom: White (I used the green Clover pom maker which is about 2 1/4″ in diameter)

Here’s the video tutorial:

And here are the measurements of my particular scarf if you’d like to adapt it to crochet, hand knitting or loom knitting.

Red: 51.5″
Brim: 1 3/8″
Face: 2 6/8″
Beard: 2 7/8″
Moustache: 5 strips @ 3″