Santa Scarf!


Stumbling across this: How to make a fleece Santa Scarf, I thought I had the original idea to translate this idea into yarn. After I went to the trouble to create a prototype on my Addi Express Professional knitting machine, I later learned that many yarn lovers have had similar ideas! (So much for my brilliant creativity!)

Anyway, here’s the recipe and a video of how to create this scarf on your crank knitter:

Hat: 240 rows (I used Vanna’s Choice “Scarlet”)
Brim: 6 rows (Lion Brand Jiffy “White”)
Face: 12-13 rows (Vanna’s Choice “Pink”)
Beard: 14 rows White
Moustache: 5 – 3″ strips of white
Pom Pom: White (I used the green Clover pom maker which is about 2 1/4″ in diameter)

Here’s the video tutorial:

And here are the measurements of my particular scarf if you’d like to adapt it to crochet, hand knitting or loom knitting.

Red: 51.5″
Brim: 1 3/8″
Face: 2 6/8″
Beard: 2 7/8″
Moustache: 5 strips @ 3″


15 thoughts on “Santa Scarf!

    • Remember that the row count I gave was for use on the Addi Professional. Use measurements when working on your loom (or crochet or knitting needles). If you need to add more yarn, use the same yarn and add it the same way you would change colors.

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  2. Got my addi one day and the next made the Santa scarf for my 86 year load mother and it came out perfect. Now have made two santa sand one snowman. Can’t wait ti make the nutcracker. Hope you can come up with a reindeer scarf. Thanks for the videos.

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    • Yes! I’ve seen pictures. (I prefer the look of the ones done with HDC.) Use the measurements to determine how many stitches to do each color as yarn, gauge, hook size could alter the proportions.

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