Snake Scarf!



Keeping with the “multi-stitcheral” theme (meaning all the yarn crafts)… I give you a Snake Scarf!

Again, because there are so few Addi Express Knitting Machine tutorials on YouTube, I chose to make it with my small Addi (more properly known as the Addi Professional).

General Instructions:

1. Basically, I knitted a small tube until the yarn ran out. (Black/gray was Vanna’s Choice “Charcoal Print” and the Green multi was Loops and Threads Impeccable “Sage Butter”)

2. Then I Inserted a red chain of scrap yarn (crocheted 14 chains and fastened off) in one end for the tongue, secured it and gathered the tube around it securing the closure.

3. I Gathered the other end to finish the snake’s body.

4. Finally, I choose and attached buttons for the eyes. That’s it.

Here’s the video tutorial:

17 thoughts on “Snake Scarf!

      • Awww…. sweet Randee! What a kind offer but I don’t want to take your hard work from you! What about a friend that could snap a pic on their phone or something?? I’m sure it’s adorable and I haven’t seen one made on a loom yet!

    • I ordered it online. The King size came from ebay but the professional… I can’t remember where I got that one! Do a Google search.

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