Square Baby Hat!

How Cute and Whimsical!

How Cute and Whimsical!

These hats just make me laugh! I really wish I had a baby handy to model it for us but no such luck.

This is simple, quick and can be done in any yarn craft! Once again, I’ve demonstrated on my Addi Express… this time on the King Size. Here’s your Addi basic recipe:

Yarn: Worsted Weight about 1 oz of Main Color and .5 oz of trim color

1. Cast on the Addi Express King Size with waste yarn (about 5 rows)

2. Knit Main Color for 30 rows

3. LEAVE MAIN COLOR ATTACHED but switch to waste yarn (about 5 rows)

4. Remove from machine

5. Turn hat inside out so rights sides are together.

7. Add a brim/edging. If you’d like to add a crocheted version, click here for my tutorial.6. Do a 3-Needle Bind Off or my Crochet Version to bind off and seam the top closed. You can also do a Kitchener Stitch if that’s easier for you.

More information, including my demonstration of adding waste yarn with the main color still attached, can be found here:

Square Baby Hat Measurements

If you want to attempt looming, knitting or crocheting a version, here are the measurements when the hat is lying flat for you to use as a guide. My All-In-One Loom is very close to the gauge of my Addi machines so you may want to cast on 46 stitches in the round for a test run.

6 thoughts on “Square Baby Hat!

  1. Hi I just recently found your podcast and website through the SSK Yarner ladies. I would love to use the pattern for charity and was wondering how to adapt it to knitting? How many to cast on for different sizes for children? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi, Lourdes! Easy adaptation: simply cast on the usual amount for a particular size, knit up until it’s as tall as you like and finish with a 3 needle bind off. I have a chart I use for different sizes of charity hats using #4 worsted weight if you’d find that helpful. (It’s included on the Knit Baby Hat post.) Otherwise, just use your favorite hat patterns as guides.

  2. Margaret am so glad to find you got the hitchhiker pattern and am lost do I make knit row and then purl row got pattern from Ravelry and creator help. Want to make one for me and for Xmas gifts since I lost my legs and want to do something not depressing.thanks linda

    • So sorry to hear about your recent challenges, Linda and yes… crochet and knitting DOES help with our mindset! (A dark time in my life is exactly how I get started with yarn!) I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking about the pattern but there is no purling. It’s a garter stitch (which is what you get when you knit on both sides).

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