2015 Crafting Goals

Usually I don’t make goals for my crafting. Why would I want to put pressure on myself regarding the very thing that I do to relive pressure?! Well, I took a different approach this year and made a list of things I want to learn or accomplish. When phrased like that, the pressure is alleviated and I’m left with a plan of focus. That much different that measurable goals that are either met or marked FAIL!

Basically they are:

1. Reduce the scraps/open skeins collection.

2. Use some currently-owned paid patterns (and books, magazines) rather than just running to Ravelry when I need a new project.

3. Improve general knitting skills. (Ex: I’m currently practicing a flat-knit mitten pattern where I’m improving my edges, learned the mattress stitch and can now manage 2 mittens at the same time!)

4. Practice working with tiny needles and yarn. (Maybe one day I can try to knit socks!)

5. Improve knitting color work!

6. NO YARN Purchases (Exception: Great sale + coupon OR to meet a specific need.)

There’s more to say on the subject so if you want to hear more, click the video below then share some of your goals! I’m willing to bet we have a few of the same!

8 thoughts on “2015 Crafting Goals

  1. Hi Margaret! I’m Jenn and am Mrs Cruzski (funny story about that but I digress) on YouTube. I watched your crafty goals video posted on Jan 6th and you showed a crocheted hat that you couldn’t find the pattern for. I found a pattern that looks similar and thought I’d share to see if it’s the one. I also commented on the YT video. Hope this helps you!
    …..I can’t seem to post the link I copied from Ravelry but it’s called the Cool Stripes Hat. Have a Blessed day!

  2. Hi Margaret, I had a suggestion on your Santa tube scarf. Before you close the beard. Attach the mustache, and eyes. You can tie the mustache from the inside and the buttons. Place the uneven knitting where you changed color on the edge of the scarf and you can’ t see it from front or back. I really love your scarf. I am also a Christian. I hope this helps. You sure have helped me.

      • Margaret, I took some small wire about a 4″ piece and turned one end about 1/2″ mashed the curved end so it would fit through buttons. The other end I wrapped around small end of needle nose pliers. Mashed flat for handle. Now you can thread yarn through buttons and tie the buttons to your projects.

  3. I love all your tutorials especially the ones dealing with the Addi Express Knitting Machine which I just got and with your help finished my first hat. Thanks so much for posting them. I did order a folding work bench from Harbor Freight too and was wonder if you can up with an idea for more clamps?

    • I did buy some big clamps and that’s what I’ve attached my larger machine with. I wanted to take the legs off of it so the adjustable clamps were just the ticket.

  4. I’m very impressed with your goals. I have SO much yarn. Not only do I spin my own but also dye yarn to sell at Sheep And Wool Festival but still keep buying. I have a list, that’s to you, to try on Addi Knitting machine. By the way love your videos! I do a lot of knitting on small needles and love them knit socks when ever I find the time. They are not that hard.

    • Thanks, Barb! How do we get ourselves in such an overload of yarn?! I’m doing much better with the tiny needles/tiny yarn. Practice, practice, practice!

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