Christmas Crafting

Yarn crafting is my first love but I have to admit that I’ve fallen in love with my new Silhouette Portrait Die Cutting Machine. So far, I’ve made Christmas tags, small gift bags, gift card holders, and I’ve learned to etch glass yet there’s so much more I want to do with this thing! Take a peek at this video to see what I’ve been up to in addition to the normal excitement and preparation of the Holiday Season!

No Christmas baking at our house this year. The doctor put down her foot about sugar and carbs so I’m trying to wean myself off. However, I wanted to have a baking-type experience so I tried my hand at salt dough ornaments. There are tons of recipes and instructions out there for this age-old craft. (Just take a look at Pinterest!) Click the video below to watch over my shoulder as I figure this out!

Merry Christmas 2014!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting

  1. Margaret, what fabric sofener do you reccoment for Red Heart yarn??????’ What detergent? do you ever hand wash you r favorite pie ces??

    • For Red Heart, just toss it in the washer and dryer with your other clothes using whatever you would normally use. Any fabric softener or detergent will work fine. I find that the tumble drying really helps with the softening, too. I have never bothered to hand wash Red Heart but I MOST DEFINITELY do with wool, wool blends and finer yarns!

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