Hat Sizing Chart

The majority of my knit and crochet hats are done for charity, therefore, I don’t have a way to measure the heads that will wear them. Sooo… my secret is to keep sizing charts handy! 

Download my Hat Sizing Charts! You’ll find 2 charts included in the download… one for crochet and one for knitting. Keep it handy in your phone or print it for your yarn bag!

Crochet is simple to size and the same chart can be use with any gauge, yarn weight or hook size.

The Knitting Chart will include cast-on numbers. This is great when you have a open skein of yarn and no plan or pattern in mind! After a quick glance at the cast-on numbers, I can knit a simple, basic beanie without having to go on a pattern hunt! (IMHO, this is perfect when the yarn needs to do the shining. I like solid colors for cables and fancy stitches.)

And there’s now a THIRD chart added to help you avoid the harrowing game of Yarn Chicken! I’ve shared my tricks for determining yarn length for 1 row in crochet, knitting and circular machine knitting, too!


Interested in charity work? There are several things to consider before jumping in! Click this link for a video I did a while back on the topic.

11 thoughts on “Hat Sizing Chart

  1. Wow…now this will come in handy!

    On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 12:24 PM, Sheepishly Sharing wrote:

    > molander posted: “I refer to this chart A LOT! You’ll hear me mention it > in videos; you’ll see it included in some of my patterns and I often refer > to it when I’m working on a hat! The actual info in the chart came from a > blog called Slugs on the Refrigerator but it’s not ” >

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    • I don’t think brand matters. If you have a pattern in mind, look at the recommended weight, then go touch everything in the store! On the other hand, if you just really like a yarn you see, buy it then do a search for hats made with that weight! There are no rules!

  4. Thank Margaret! I rarely do top – down hats as I usually mess up with the sizing and this is very useful. I just saw that you have a link to this on one of your videos on youtube. This is very essential for crochet or even tunisian crochet in the round when making the flat circle.

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