Camel Stitch Brim Beanie

camel stitch brim beanieThis simple hat is one of my most requested tutorials and I think I may know why!

  1. It offers extra warmth for the ears.
  2. It lends itself well to variation.
  3. It’s a great scrap buster!

The Video Tutorial provides guided pattern reading with the tutorial and the skills taught include foolproof, top-down hat sizing! LEFT HANDED Video Tutorial is also available!

Download the free pattern Camel Stitch Brim Beanie Pattern!

Click this link if you’re looking for a larger Hat Sizing Charts for your crochet bag!

camel stitch brim variations


4 thoughts on “Camel Stitch Brim Beanie

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  2. great tutorial! you explain the stitches so well. thank you! my only problem is i am new to crochet and time stamps for each to row would really help us slow pokes to keep up. thanks again. so glad there is no expiration dates on videos.I noticed this is a few years old, so glad i found you

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