Crochet Pot Holder Tutorial

In a Sheepishly Sharing video (#99) I showed my favorite pot holder made by my mother-in-law. While she’s an excellent knitter and crocheter, she can’t read a pattern and I had difficulty understanding her verbal directions to me. After going on a long hunt, I found a couple (imho, poorly written) patterns and had to figure it out myself! While there IS a great video for this particular pot holder done by Teresa, The Crochet Geek, it was a little different from my version. Plus, I didn’t care for the whip stitch method of closure. Commenters on my video said they would like to see how I did it so… here it is!

3 thoughts on “Crochet Pot Holder Tutorial

  1. My daughter has multiple disabilities but so wants to do some of the same things that her younger sister can do easily. I have been searching for something that, once set up, she could do independently. She is wheelchair bound and other weaving looms, no matter how simple, have proved too difficult. I pulled up a video, randomly, and saw you mention your fondness for Addi and researched it. Thank you so very much. I believe she can handle the wheel turning and make herself her own scarf and leg warmers. She is 17 but tiny. Do you think the Express will suffice for her needs or should I purchase the King? Again, thank you for your informative, realistic, and “neighborly” videos.

    • Yes! If she can understand the concept and she has the coordination for turning the handle (only large motor skills are necessary) then I think she could find great success. You may have to cast on and off for her but she would essentially be completing the projects herself! I have a 33 year old niece with Down’s Syndrome who lives in a wonderful adult care facility ( The residents and day students have a wide range of disabilities but I believe all of them could use an Addi IF they had an interest! (Attention spans vary, too!)

      Note that both machines are called “Addi Express.” The small one is called the Professional size and the larger one is the King size. You may want to watch this video of Frequently Asked Questions before you buy: . I address the sizing issues of each machine in that video but very quickly, the smaller Addi only makes hats for a preemie baby head (think of an orange). You could do flat panels and seam them together, though. For a scarf, the Professional would be fine. Leg warmers, it would depend on the size of her legs and the yarn chosen.

      Here’s the Playlist for all my Addi videos if you want to look through it. Other questions may come to mind and I’ll be happy to answer!

      • Thank you for your advice, Margaret. I think I will purchase the King. Wish us luck. Have a Blessed Christmas. Suzanne

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