Saturn Scrapbuster Hats!

Knit Baby Saturn HatsHere’s a fun “recipe” to knock out some of those wonderful worsted weight scraps we always seem to have on hand. No fancy decreases to worry about. They’re fast and fun! The hats pictured here are a 6 month size but adjust the number of cast on stitches and it works for any size!

Download the free guide here: Saturn Hat Scrapbuster

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Questions? See the “Recipe Walk-Thru” here:

5 thoughts on “Saturn Scrapbuster Hats!

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  2. Margaret just saw your youtube video at your new house and will still pray for your niece that she’ll be able to recover without much complications. With this coronavirus around, the anxieties over it here in Ohio have really had me down – pray you and yours stay safe and keep well……Mary Athey

  3. I may be using the wrong area to be writing this stuff but you’ve made a comment about your friend in Finland and learning from her, etc. If anything good besides the lives that are saved, out of this virus – may it be around the world, we’ll all be a bit more compassionate towards others whose skin color is different than ours, we don’t speak their language of choice, or their foods, but maybe we’ll learn from each other and we’ll get along better. Can always pray to God for that……

  4. I watched your preemie hat video, and I plan to make several to donate. In that video you mentioned you have your own version of the Magic Loop. Do you have a video demonstrating your version? I use the standard version but I always have a hard time and usually have to redo it several times. I’m sure your version will be as easy to follow as your patterns and video tutorials. 🙂 Thank you

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