Candy Swirl Hat Tutorial

Long requested crochet tutorial is finally up!

If you want a printed pattern, I’d suggest Sarah Arnold’s Divine Hat however, there are no instructions for the 2-color version. Be aware that there are MANY versions of this design out there under various names like “crochet spiral beanie” or “easy seashell hat” and more. I have no idea who to give original credit to so I’m recommending Sarah’s pattern because that’s the one I used.

In the video, I reference 2 files that can be found here: my usual Hat Sizing Charts and one where I made Candy Swirl Hat Notes suggesting yarn and hook sizes. (Please remember these are only suggestions to help you find a starting point for sizing this difficult-to-size hat!)

7 thoughts on “Candy Swirl Hat Tutorial

  1. I watched your video on fixing holes in garter stitch. Helped alot. Thanks.
    Would love to know what yarn and color your item is. Love the fall color.

    Pat Madonia

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  3. Hi, your video was really helpful, especially the bit about how to not get the yarns twisted. I’ve made quite a few of these hats, both two-tone and the standard one colour, and wonder if you can answer a question for me. I found they tend to come out a bit too pointy, especially the smaller sizes, so I tried omitting round 2 (dc around all posts) to see if the faster increase would round out the top. It did indeed produce a rounder topped hat. I haven’t tried it with the two-tone hat yet. Do you think the round 2 actually serves a purpose? Why not just go straight to doubling? Maybe I’m overlooking something.

    • I don’t know since mine aren’t pointy! I suspect it has something to do with the difference in our gauge. I personally like the look of the solid “center” that round 2 creates but as I preach all the time… “There are no rules in crochet!” Adjust the pattern to suit your own gauge/likes/dislikes!

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