Double Ribbed Hat | Addi Express | Melissa Sutcliffe Pattern!

Double Thick Ribbed Addi Hat

Melissa Sutcliffe came  up with a unique method for ribbing a double-layered hat and asked me to do a video tutorial for her. I LOVE the practically of the extra warmth plus a snug ribbing so I was happy to do it! I would definitely consider this hat to be at the Intermediate Level because ribbing on the machine can be a bit tricky, however… I demonstrate how to do it in this video and will always encourage you to try! (If you mess up, it’s only yarn and can be used again!)

Download the written pattern here: Melissa’s Hat Pattern

Here’s a refresher on casting on and off and how to change colors.

melissa's hats

Melissa’s hats with crochet bind off.

If you want to replicate the neatly finished edge of Melissa’s hats, here’s a tutorial for a crochet version of a 3-needle bind off.

gathered closure small

Simple gathered bind off.

8 thoughts on “Double Ribbed Hat | Addi Express | Melissa Sutcliffe Pattern!

  1. Great tutorial! I can’t wait to try it but I can’t seem to get the written instructions to download, it just keeps reopening the page.

    • Im sorry, Janie, and thank you for bringing it to my attention! I fixed it and you should now see a pdf. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  3. Hi Margaret

    Sorry if I have the wrong category

    I’ve no idea how these tech things work but need you to read and see the photos of something I bought as an experiment, yes I know it’s a toy, but, I’m stunned. It cost 13.99 pounds with ‘free’ postage, it’s the ‘Penguin knitter’. It came today 21/11/2018 I loaded it up and look it’s only working lol, it may not be as excellent as the Addition Express which my brother has bought for me, how wonderful was that, but couldn’t believe how well it’s working so just had to share this.
    Your videos are fantastic you get to every detail and problem they are excellent, don’t stop reviewing please.
    Thank you for taking the time to read
    Merry Christmas lol incase I can’t reply in the future lol

    • No need to send a picture, I just Googled it and it’s adorable! AND you got a really good price. The one I saw was $35 (about 27 pounds today)! The mechanics on it seem to be pretty similar to the Singer machine. Fun! And thank you for the sweet words about my videos!

      • No problems about the pictures I was just so amazed. I’m testing different plus on it as we speak.

        I’m glued to your videos you are so natural and very helpful regarding the machines, the varied wools/acrylics etc you’ve certainly helped me save money lol

        Thank you

        Most helpful

        Kindest regards Lorraine

        Sent from my iPhone


  4. Hello Margaret, inspired by you I decide buy my first knitting machine. Just got it today.
    I try four times and I keep loosing stitches any idea why? Getting frustrated. Tks

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