Review: Prym Maxi & Generic Knitting Machines

I love circular machine knitting and because the Addi Express machines are so expensive, I’m always on the lookout for possible substitutions! In this video, I compare the Prym Maxi with a Generic, no-name machine (which pleasantly surprised me, btw!)

Be sure to check out links to all products discussed in this video.*

And I have a whole page on this blog dedicated to learning more about circular knitting machines! You can also find links to reviews of other machines here.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Prym Maxi & Generic Knitting Machines

  1. I just discovered your reviews on circular sewing machines–I love these reviews! I’m so glad I found them. Now I’m thinking about getting one of these machines–but not until I view all of your reviews. They are thorough, cover so many areas of each machine, use a variety of yarns giving each machine every opportunity to show their features, and to top it all off–you have a really great personality, too.

    • Thank you, Johanna! What kind words! I love these little gadgets… I find them so fascinating! If you do get one, be sure to watch my Beginner’s Tips video. It’s easy to use but there are some things you just have to learn and practice.

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