Beginner Tips for Circular Knitting Machines!

Myth: Circular knitting machines require no skill.
Truth: There’s a learning curve. Master it, then creativity abounds!

Beginner Tips for Circular Knitting Machines

When I read poor reviews of circular knitting machines that I know work well, I feel so sad for the people who spent their money expecting a perfect out-of-the-box experience! Just like any craft, circular machine knitting has a certain skill set to be learned.

In this video tutorial, I share demonstrate some basic tips and tricks to help beginners find fast success!

Tip #1: Affix machine to work surface.
Tip #2: Start with light weight yarn.
Tip #3: Read and Research.
Tip #4: Try out different yarn.
Tip #5: Add weights.
Tip #6: Go slow; watch, catch, fix mistakes.
Tip #7: Patience. Give it 10-15 rows.
Tip #8: Beware of knots.

5 thoughts on “Beginner Tips for Circular Knitting Machines!

  1. Margaret, my first experience was with the “piece of junk” machine I purchased for my granddaughter. So glad it wasn’t me, but the machine! We ended up taking it back to the store. Thanks for all of your great videos!

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos! I have both of the Addis (love them both!) I recently purchased the “no name pink one” because size wise it was between the 2 Addis (40 hooks). Question- I notice a grinding? rough? feeling /noise at times when I turn the crank (with yarn) otherwise it turns very smooth and the knitting has been great (so far) any thoughts/suggestions? Have you encountered this with yours? Thanks so much!

    • Grinding sound… hmmm…. I haven’t experienced that but when I use a yarn that the machine deems “too heavy,” it just gets really loud. The lighter the yarn (say #3 light), the quieter it gets!

  3. Thank you so much for your informative videos. They have helped me more than I can say. I am still in the very early beginning process. I made 4 hats the 1st day with no problems however the machine and I seemed to develop A relationship problem that we are currently working through thanks to your help.

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