Silly Holiday Scarves

How about some simple, novelty scarves for the holidays?! These are so fast and easy and sure to bring a smile! Skip the elf shoe and change the colors for an “anytime” scarf!


For the scarf, I used some inexpensive acrylic in Christmas colors. While this was done on my Addi Express Professional (circular knitting machine), you can certainly do a simple tube scarf with your knitting needles, crochet hook or knitting looms! Gauge is not really an issue but my scarves measure about 3″ in width and 36″ in length.

You can use store-bought mittens or gloves (as I did for those red gloves) but patterns for the mitten shape and elf shoes can be found with a simple Google search but if you’d like to use mine, download the pattern here. (Of course, you could always find a simple pattern for knitting or crocheting your own, too!)

Instructions can be found here:

4 thoughts on “Silly Holiday Scarves

  1. Love your you tube videos. Soon getting addi machines, wonder where you found the big clips to hold down machine not the ones they provide but the bigger ones you used. Think it is a great idea to use them because I had a different knitting machine that moved and it bug me so I had yo drill holes in leg and fasten to table saw I was using. If you could tell me what store I live in central california so not sure if we have the same store but if you could tell the name of them I might be able to find some. Thank you for help and I will continue to enjoy your you tube channel.

    • Hi, Colleen! And thanks for the kind words! Those are called “c-clamps” and you can find them at any home improvement or hardware store.

  2. Oh My Goodness how cute and adorable. I wonder if a Mickey or Minnie Mouse theme would work for this? We are Disney lovers so I am always looking to make Disney items but I would not know how to make the pattern…can you help please with listing a possible Disney alternative pattern, please?

    thans you

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