Spiked Mesh Stitch Hat (Crochet)


Another Scrapbuster Project! This hat uses a type of Spike Stitch – Mesh Stitch combo to create a lighter hat with lots of impact.

Skill level: Intermediate. While the stitches used are pretty basic (slip stitch, single crochet and half double crochet), the crocheter really needs to be comfortable “reading the work.” This term refers to the ability to look at completed stitches and understand exactly what they’re looking at! It’s necessary to know so you can place the stitches in the right places.


RIGHT HAND Video Tutorial
LEFT HAND Video Tutorial

Spiked Mesh Stitch Hat Pattern

Hat Sizing Charts

Need help? Click below for the Video Tutorial!

6 thoughts on “Spiked Mesh Stitch Hat (Crochet)

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