Holiday Fabric Haul!

Time to start thinking about Holiday Crafting and one project that has come to mind is the good ol’ favorite: Magic Pillowcases! (AKA “Burrito-style” pillowcases and here’s my favorite tutorial thanks to Shabby Fabrics.) I’m working on a Year of Holidays Gift Collection for my daughter but these would be excellent charity donations and craft fair items as well!

Want to see what I’ve bought so far? Here you go:


3 thoughts on “Holiday Fabric Haul!

  1. I have a question that maybe you can answer. I have been seeing faux fur pom poms on hats. I looked up the diy versions on you tube and found 3 different versions of making them. Have you made them and do you have an opinion? Millie

    • I’ve seen those, too, and have purchased pre-made ones and used them a lot last year! I have more I need to put into use this year, too. I don’t know a thing about making them myself but if it looks interesting to you, try it out and let me know how it goes!

      • I will. They look very easy and could save if you needed very many. BTW I’ve made 5 camel stitch slouch hats from your pattern and I love them. Also several pot holders. Thanks for the tutorials.❤

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