Pattern Hack | New Look 6843 | Skirt Pattern Sewing Shortcuts

6843_env_front_1This is my go-to pattern for skirts and while still on the market today, it’s been around for AGES! I mentioned it (and how I’ve modified it) in one of my regular videos and people wanted to hear more so this video provides all the details!


  1. Favorite notions.
  2. Eliminate the waistband.
  3. Double fabric for easy lining.
  4. Demonstrate my method for inserting the zipper.
  5. Machine finish/hem.

4 thoughts on “Pattern Hack | New Look 6843 | Skirt Pattern Sewing Shortcuts

  1. Margaret, thanks for the info on NewLook 6843! You have inspired me to look for the pattern and try to make something for myself. I have shy’d away from sewing garments for myself as I never liked to alter a pattern, but will look for something to try.

    • I’m so glad! Skirts are the easiest to fit (imho) so I’m sure you’ll have great success! Let me know how it goes!

  2. Margaret, I looked at the skirt pattern today. Based on my measurements, I need a size 24. I normally wear at size 16. I couldn’t buy a pattern according to my measurements of Bust 42, Waist 39, hips 48. I can’t imagine that a size 24 pattern is what I need. I asked the Jo-Ann fabric cutter about this and she said, “well patterns don’t match store sizes.” I was so disappointed……Guess I should wait until patterns are on sale for 99 cents and then buy a few and try a muslin trial and see what works. On a positive point, I did purchase a pattern for one of our granddaughters to make a cute dress from some leftover fabric from a dress I made for her older cousin. So, thank you for giving the inspiration to get back into sewing!

    • OH, Pam! I’m just now seeing this comment! And the Jo-Ann’s cutter is exactly right about pattern sizes vs ready-to-wear. Store-bought clothes sizes for me can be anywhere from a 2-6 depending on who makes it but I’m pretty much a size 12 in patterns! Definitely wait for a big pattern sale! I NEVER by patterns full price! I keep a running wish list on my phone so when they go on sale somewhere, I’m ready! It’s so easy to do that these days since the pattern catalogs are all online. OR you can draft your own with these instructions:

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