Balaclava: Addi Express Tutorial

A requested tutorial for a balaclava done on a circular knitting machine!

Convertible balaclava beanie

Wear it 2 ways!

(This is not for a rank beginner!) Skills needed:

~ Basic Circular Knitting Machine Skills (casting on/off, color changes)
~ Hand knitting OR Crochet skills

Essentially, it’s a long tube (like a reversible hat). One end is closed like a hat, the other end is finished with a stretch bind off. Waste yarn is inserted in the middle of the tube to allow for the face opening. Simple concept!

6 thoughts on “Balaclava: Addi Express Tutorial

  1. Where would I find your patterns for your crochet beanie with the camel stitch border in the beginning of this post blue and green beanie

    • Hmmm… “in the beginning of this post?” I recently did some hats with a camel stitch border and showed them in my last YouTube video but they had nothing to do with this blog post (which is the tutorial for the balaclava). If those are the ones you’re referring to, I don’t have a specific tutorial for those. If you’re interested, I can put in on my to-do list. If that’s not what you mean, clarify for me, please! I’d love to help!

      • Sorry for the confusion it was actually a YouTube post where you reviewed yarncrate and mentioned your favorite crochet beanie you made for charity. Half double crochet with a camel stitch bottom. I loved the look of it and since I am new to crocheting it looked like something I could tackle. Is there a pattern or tutorial on this beanie? Thanks for all your YouTube videos I just discovered you and love love all of the ones I have watched so far!

      • Oh ok… none of those hats had patterns , per se. I just play around with stitches as I work through the scraps. Camel stitch is thicker so I like to put it another ears sooo… it’s done on the last 3 inches or so of the hat! Easy peasey!

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