DIY Scented Pinecones!

I love natural scents in my home so it made scents sense to make some of these!


  • Pine cones from your backyard (or someone else’s backyard but don’t trespass!)
  • Foil
  • Baking Pan
  • Oven
  • Essential oil of your own choosing (I used Cinnamon Bark)
  • Something to display them in!

Here’s how:

3 thoughts on “DIY Scented Pinecones!

  1. Margaret, watched your video on youtube about homespun on addi knitting machine. You asked to comment on any yarns i have tried…and by far the acrylic yarn I have found to work the best is I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. No dropped stitches, runs smoothly! You may have already tried…but I thought I would message you. -Steve

    • Yes… I’ve tried and loved Hobby Lobby’s ILTY! (That was a very old video so I’ve tried most everything by now however, it never hurts to hear the experience of others so thanks!

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