DIY Caron Cakes?

Caron yarns had no idea their temporary-anniversary-celebration product was going to be such a hit and people are going crazy over it! We’ve recently heard that they WILL be making it a permanent product and now other companies have jumped on the bandwagon.

I’ve tried my hand at making my own. After all, Caron Cakes are simply self-striping yarn (no gradient color changes) that’s caked on a ball winder. The end. I’ve included the method I used below but I question the whether it’s worth the effort. Here’s my take on the matter and be sure to let me know what YOU think about using your own stash to create a cake!

Of course, you can get this effect with any yarn but if you’re trying to closely recreate this cakey craze, here are some details that can help you in your pursuit!

Weight: Medium Worsted (4)
Contents: 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool
Skein Weight: 7.1 oz./ 200g
Yardage: 383 yd. / 350 m

blueberry-cheesecake-scarfMost of the cakes are equal amounts of color although some are not. Let’s use Blueberry Cheesecake for this example. I snapped a quick pic of this pattern on the label:

  • Based on this pic, the color amounts equal. (That medium blue is tonal.)
  • This Blueberry Cheesecake has 4 colors that repeat twice.
  • The label says there are approximately 383 yards. Soooo….

383 yards ÷ 4 colors =  96 yards of each color

Since you need to have 2 color repeats…

96 yards of each color  ÷ 2 color repeats = 48 yards of each color repeat

(If you prefer other units of measurement, that would be 44 m/.89 oz/25 g)

Now all you need is color inspiration. My favorite place for that is Design Seeds!

Have fun!







8 thoughts on “DIY Caron Cakes?

  1. Dear Margaret, thankyou for all of your wonderful knitting videos. I live in Australia and would love to buy the knit quick loops and threads loom. Online sales dont have this machine so I cant seem to be able to find it anywhere. Do you know where I could get one online somewhere? Thankyou Lynne my email is reallycoolballoons@bigpond. Com

    • Not yet, Lynne. It’s exclusively a Michael’s product and it hasn’t been available online yet… not even for the USA. Can you get the Innovations or Prym machines? They get good reviews and are the same size (or close) to the Addi Kingsize.

  2. Hello
    My name is Tori and I have a question about knitting machines. Could you please email me so I can ask them in private. I don’t want to take too much room up on your comment section. My email is thank you very much

    • I’m sorry, Tori, but I don’t make a habit of sharing my email address but all the ways you can reach me are in the description box of my videos. (Be sure to check the page on this blog devoted to circular knitting machines to see all the info I know plus helpful links! And just FYI, I know nothing about flatbed machines.)

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