Knit Quick Knitting Machine First Impression

Michael’s (a large craft store chain here in the USA) has come out with it’s own circular knitting machine. I bought it and ran it through it’s paces. Here’s my initial impression:

UPDATE: This machine seems to be inconsistent in production quality. Many people report broken gears soon after purchase while others do not. Mine lasted a good while but I eventually wore it out, too.

6 thoughts on “Knit Quick Knitting Machine First Impression

  1. do you have an alternative crown for knitted hat on Addi. I want one that will not be so bulky in the top. Any suggestions.

    • Not one you can do ON the machine. You could take it off when it’s about 2″ short of being done, put it on needles and do regular, hand-knit hat decreases.

  2. Do find it drops stich?
    I made 2 hats but now everyone I try to use it, it drops stitches after I have knit several rows.

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