Crochet Chain Tracks Scrapbuster Tutorial

Chain Tracks1

Sometimes simple is best and it’s certainly working for this precious scrap hat! Look a little closer…


It’s a chain neatly encased between tracks on each side. A very tailored and polished look!

Recipe: It’s a basic double crochet beanie – stop about 1 – 1.5 inches before the end and…

  1. Change to a new color. Single crochet back loop only. Join.
  2. Change back to the first color and single crochet camel stitch all the way around. Join.
  3. Double crochet back loop only. Join. Sew in ends!

If you have any questions, here’s the video tutorial. I also include tips and tricks, how to determine how much yarn you need for that stripe and demonstrate the join I like best for this hat.

6 thoughts on “Crochet Chain Tracks Scrapbuster Tutorial

  1. Hi Margaret. I’m hoping you can give me some advice. I have a project that needs a knitting machine. I need very long knitted tubes, and a lot of them. They need to be a half inch to an inch around, and very tightly knitted, so they can be stretched and still keep the stitching tight.
    A previous project I worked on had a larger circumference, and I used the knit magic knitting machine that they came out with back in the 70’s. It worked ok, but I would have preferred the stitching be tighter and stayed tight when it was stretched, since it had to be stretched to the maximum. This project will be the same. I just need it to be smaller around, and more tightly stitched.
    I will be using a heavy yarn rather than a thinner yarn.
    I have seen the little tube maker, but that’s too small.
    Is there a machine out there that can do this, or is there a way to do it on the machine you use?
    Thanks for any help you can give me, and thanks for your time.


    • I’ve never seen anything that would do the trick but then again, I’m no expert. The smaller Addi Express makes a tube that’s 3″ wide when lying flat (diameter) and approximately 6″ circumference. Even if you use the heaviest yarn it would allow, you’re not going to get it down to .5-1″ tubes. What about using the little one (the Embellish-Knit, I think it’s called) and twisting 2 completed tubes together? (I have no idea what you’re making so this suggestion could be way off base.)

    • The link to the flower I used is in the description box of the tutorial video. I can’t imagine what kind of noise you’re hearing. The best place for Addi help that I know of is the Facebook group called “Addi King Loomers and Knits”

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