Sew a Fish Extender or Closet Organizer

Going on a Disney Cruise? Then you may want to participate in a Fish Extender group! If you don’t know what this is, I’m going to send you to read this wonderful blog post by Darcie. She explains it very well. I’ll also suggest that you join either the Disboards she mentioned or the Fish Extender Facebook Group. Both will help you find fellow cruisers that want to share “a little pixie dust.” They’ll also help you with  ideas for Fish Extender Gifts and don’t forget to search those 3 little words on Pinterest. Great ideas!

Alternatively, this is a great closet or wall organizer for use at home!

Project Materials:

Background Fabric: 16 x 32″
Interfacing for backing: 8 x 32″
3 Pockets: 11 x 8″ each
Pocket Interfacing: 11 x 8″ each
Heavy Duty needle for sewing machine
Thread to match
Download the Pocket Pattern here
1 pkg Extra Wide, Double Fold Bias tape

**These Written Instructions may be all an experience sewer will need. If you’re a beginner or find these instructions unclear, the video below may be helpful.**

1. Apply interfacing to pockets and one half of background fabric.

2. Fold background fabric in half (long ways) wrong sides together and sew all edges together.

3. Pleat pockets (see pattern for where to crease fabric). Press.

4. Baste along bottom of each pocket.

5. Apply bias tape across top of each pocket. Re-press creases in pleats.

6. Apply bias tape across the bottom edges of TWO pockets.

7. Align 3rd pocket along bottom edge of background. Apply bias tape across bottom encasing all layers.

8. Pin a pocket 1″ above top of bottom pocket. Pin last pocket 1″ above middle pocket. Attach bottoms of these 2 pockets by sewing along stitching line of bias tape.

9. Baste long edges being careful to align edges of pockets with edges of background fabric.

10. Encase long edges with bias tape on each side. Finish top edge with bias tape or a zigzag stitch.

11. Fold over 1.25″ at the top and sew to form the rod pocket.

12. Decorate with names, etc!

20 thoughts on “Sew a Fish Extender or Closet Organizer

  1. My DIL asked me to make a fish extender for their Disney cruise (wish I were going!), and sent me your link so I could see what she was talking about. I’m an experienced seamstress/quilter so I didn’t need the demo, but I watched it anyway. I just want to tell you I think you did a fantastic job of demonstrating for novice sewers. Keep the projects coming!

  2. Thank you SOOO much! I had been putting off making our fish extender because I was intimidated by the ones I’ve seen others make. Your video was so easy to follow and my extender came out super cute!

  3. I just watched your demo and it was great. Thank you so much for making it. Not only were you precise and helpful with your tips but you really made me wan to do this.

    • I’m so glad, Annette! It was much easier than I thought it would be, too! Have fun and if I’m unclear about anything, let me know and I’ll try to clarify.

  4. Hi, you mention how to extend if you want to add pockets, but what if you only want 2 pockets. Do you subtract 9″ or 8″?

    • You would subtract 9″ as that’s what you would cut for a pocket. In all honesty, 1″ won’t make much of a difference so you’re good either way when subtracting!

  5. You are an answer to prayer. I had no idea how to make this even after looking at several videos. Finally I found you. You patiently walked me through it step by step. I’d stop and rewind as I went along. I’m going on my first cruise with my son and family for my 70 th birthday and I can’t thank you enough for the help. I wish I knew how to send you pictures. I made two of them and their each cuter than the next. Kids will love them. One spooky Mickey and one Incredibles. Thank you so much!

    • Oh, I’m so happy to hear that, Judy! And I’d love to see what you’ve made! (All my social media links are in the description box of that video!) You’re going to have a wonderful time on your family cruise made even better by a birthday celebration! We LOVE Disney cruises even and will keep taking them even though our youngest is no longer a kid! You just can’t beat the service!

  6. Thank you so much for these clear and easy to understand directions. I had not done any sewing for years but was inspired to try to make this after watching your video. That was in 2016. My project turned out great and I haven’t stopped since! I have now made Disney-themed tote bags, backpacks, aprons, wristlets, and more. All because of one little fish extender. Thank you again!!!

    • Hahaha! I’m so glad to hear it! And those seem like super projects, too! Hmmm…. I may like a Disney themed apron. I may have to investigate your good idea!

  7. Thanks so much for this! It was a great help making my first ever fish extender and I love the way mine came out! One quick note, I needed more than 1 package of bias tape because mine was 3 yards per package. I figured this out before I started, but wanted to be sure others knew. I had plenty left from the second package for other projects.

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