NEW Singer Knitting Machine

Guess what?! Singer appears to have used the Addi Professional as a model and revamped their children’s knitting machine. The first one (that has been out for years) was less than adequate. Click here for the link to that review.  But on a happier note, the new machine has promise for those who want to try their hand at circular machine knitting before they invest in a quality machine. HOWEVER, be aware that the old one is still on the market so be sure NOT to waste your money on that one! See what I’m talking about here:

6 thoughts on “NEW Singer Knitting Machine

  1. I have one of the old Singer Knitting machines and so does my granddaughter. Wow, after this video I wish we had waited.

  2. Hello there Margaret, is always a pleasure to see your comments and reviews not to mention my favourites the toturials. I have bought an knitting machine called;” The ultimate sweater knitting machine”. I am so frustrated becouse it just does not work for me, so I wander if you are familiar with it. Thank you very much for your hard work in keeping us informed, Inspired, and chearreful! My the Lord Jusus Christ bless you and your family.

    • I looked into buying that a while back but decided against it and bought a Brother instead. (However, it’s messed up right now and just haven’t taken the time to investigate the problem.) Have you watched the YouTube videos on the Ultimate Sweater Machine? I can’t remember the name of the lady but it’s a whole series of lessons (looks like 1980s or so). I was working through them when my machine went on the blink.

  3. Thanks for this review. I just ordered a Singer knitting machine. I’ve wanted a small knitting machine for a long time but didn’t want to spend the money. I do love my large one.

    • You’re very welcome! Remember it’s not the same quality as an Addi but it will get the job done. Erin (Gimmeyarn418 on YouTube) used Command Strips to adhere the 4 feet to the table top and it worked like a charm and made it easier to work with all around!

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