Addi Express Fingerless Mitts

I get requests for fingerless mitts all the time and I didn’t have a clue how to do it! I’ve finally come up with something to give you but be aware that there are TWO versions: Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced.  I strongly suggest watching the videos as sometimes it’s difficult to accurately describe specific actions in words!

1. Download the written pattern here: Addi fingerless mitts Beginner

2. Watch the video here:

1. Download the written pattern here: Addi fingerless mitts Advanced

2. Watch the video here:

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12 thoughts on “Addi Express Fingerless Mitts

  1. I knitted up the beginner mitts and they turned out great. I crocheted around the thumb hole too. Just single crochet picking up random (being honest) edge stitches and it turned out pretty good for the first attempt. I’ll have another go as crochet is the weak link for me. Thanks for the videos. I’ll have a look/attempt at the advanced next. Also, I’ve tried joining the Facebook group, to no avail. Would love to! Thanks again!

    • Hmm… Suzy is usually quick on the draw when it comes to the Facebook Group. Give it another go. Glad to hear your crochet thumb turned out well! (My attempt didn’t. Quite a flop, in fact.) Thanks for letting me know!

    • Cast on AND off with waste yarn. Kitchener stitch the ends together. Twist if you want a mobius. Or the easy way: no waste yarn, gather each end and tie together. The join will be hidden when you loop the scarf around your head the second time.

      • Thanks for your reply and help. I used waste yarn to cast on and cast off this morning (on a sample) and single crocheted the edges together too. I like the idea the kidden join. I like doing a Kitchener on socks but don’t know about this just yet.

  2. Margaret,
    Thanks to you I go to thinking about your single crochet cast on and cast off and made some head bands. I would love if you wold check them out!
    Thanks again, Barb

  3. Since I can’t leave a comment on YouTube I’m leaning oner here. Sure do hope your kitty is doing better. Animals they are just like family. Your Butterfly Shawl is going to be beautiful. I can’t wait to see it. Your circular scarf looks great with three wraps. Love the colors. The other thing I total agree on is I will NOT give anything away I wouldn’t wear myself or be as perfect as I can make it even if it isn’t something I wouldn’t wear. Thanks for all lthe effert you put into your YouTube Videos.

  4. Minha Linda ! Amo seu Trabalho e comprei duas Máquinas semelhantes a Addi e queria fazer Meia, luva e etc 😂😂 ! Parabéns pelo seu Maravilhoso Trabalho !

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