Crochet Hook Information

I’m strangely fascinated by the reasons different people prefer different crochet hooks so I went on a quest to learn more about the different types. In the process, I ran across 2 EXCELLENT blogs that took the time to explain the detailed features and provided descriptions and reviews of the ones they’ve tried. Inspired, I did the same with my “collection.” Below is a video where I used those 2 blogs as “textbooks” to give you an overview followed by my own experiences.

DEFINITELY take the time to review these pages! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

First, there’s Crochet Cabana. There are 2 pages loaded with great crochet hook info and reviews entitled “All About Hooks.” There are even links to purchase specialty hooks that are too pretty to use!

At Nerdigurumi, check out the Guide to Crochet Hooks and be sure to see the information on Crochet Hook Size Conversions.

5 thoughts on “Crochet Hook Information

  1. Margaret – Just discovered your videos and LOVE THEM!!! I wish we lived next door to each other. But your videos are the next best thing! Some videos are funny to the point of stupid. Yours are not – they’re just entertaining! and informative. thanks for all the ideas – I am returning to crochet because of you. thanks again. Mary Ellen

    • Awww… Mary Ellen… such kind words but you really hit the nail on the head with wishing we were next door! The whole reason I started making videos is because I have no one around here that “gets it,” if you know what I mean! I’ve learned far more from this community than I’ve been able to give. It’s nice to hear that you’ve gotten some useful info out of my rambling!

  2. I’m glad I have found somewhere to talk to you where I can return to find responses. Like Mary Ellen, I too have recently found your videos and absolutely love them (they were recommended by someone else that I had been watching, but, unfortunately, can’t recall who). And I, too, would love to live next door to you (on the other side). You are an inspiration and, and have made me interested in knitting/crocheting hats because yours are so beautiful. I am tempted (only tempted, mind you) to go for an Addi. But I do have a two bed Brother knitting machine which I don’t use at all, so at the moment I’m making do with my hands. Margaret, on your playlists on Youtube your uploaded videos only go as far as February 2014, is there any reason for this? Again, I love your videos and I hope you keep on making them.

    • Well, come on over! At this rate, we could have a whole neighborhood of yarn lovers! Seriously, thank you for the kind words. I have a lower-end Brother flat bed that needs my attention right now. I was just getting started with it when one of the needles began to act up. That was right around the time I was learning to hand knit so it’s upstairs waiting patiently for me to return! Re: Playlists…. I have several different playlists. The Cast Off Monday one go all the way back to the very first on 9-10-2012. (I just checked and they’re all there.) This is a mystery.

  3. I hear ya ! Sheepishly sharing is now on Tuesday! Thank goodness you are still sharing…I need my weekly or more fix… Home from the hospital and confined to bed and can’t do much but enjoy your videos and do a little crocheting…. Keep the fun comming! Thank you! Happy anniversary!

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