FAQs about Addi Express Knitting Machines

I get LOTS of questions about the Addi machines and it finally occurred to me that an informational video would be in order! In the video, you’ll find answers to these questions:

1. First of all, “What IS an Addi Express Knitting Machine?”

2. “Why would I want one?”

3. “What are the advantages over a flat bed knitting machine?”

4. “Can you make other things besides hats and scarves?”

5. “I can only buy one machine. Which Addi is the best?”


24 thoughts on “FAQs about Addi Express Knitting Machines

    • I just got an Addi express kingsize for Christmas… and i’m having issues with casting on. I go through the common forward/back process, as described – yet, whenever I start my first row, my machine is throwing off the stitches that I cast on… often up to four stitches before the one by the feeder.

      I’ve tried changing my tension and feeding the yarn through the other hole – and it makes no difference.

    • You’ll have to do an online search. There are plenty of options and slightly different prices. Be sure to check their shipping charges, too!

  1. I’ve enjoyed my evening watching your tutorials. You are very clear in your instuctiions. I also heard you say you have a niece with Down Syndrome. I have a 40 year old son with Downs and started him knitting hats on the round looms. I had to wind them for him so, I had to be right there through the project. I ordered an Innotech machine last year for Christmas but it was back ordered until February! He now cranks out his hats and sells them at craft fairs. I am quality control and set up the machine and take the work off. I make the pom poms and do the finishing. He is in charge of the colors he uses and selling them has been good for him interacting with his clients. My friend found another machine at a garage sale new, in the box for $15 (how’s that for a bargin!). I thought while I set one up he could knit one and then I could remove one while he knit the next machine. It turns out he is faster than I am!. Thanks for the great ideas, I’m sure we will be adding some for our 2015 “line”.

    • That’s great! Emily has never shown much interest in my yarn but she now lives in a group home that helps support itself by selling ceramics the residents (and day students) have painted. They do all the craft fairs and their stuff is carried in many gift shops. Em has her own “painting style” of stripes and dots so we can always locate her wares! (She’s 32, by the way.) They put on plays and have a traveling bell choir and do mission work to help others. It’s fabulous to watch! So glad to hear your story and hopefully he’ll like some of these ideas!

    • If you noticed in the video, I mentioned the sizes of the completed tubes for each machine. The 22 needle makes a 3″ diameter tube (measured lying flat on the table). This should be plenty for a man’s sock HOWEVER, remember that these machines are designed for worsted weight yarn which would make a really thick sock… something more like a slipper sock for wearing around the house. The big machine makes a 6″ diameter tube so you’d have to do flat panels and seam it together to make it smaller.

  2. Hi! I am knew to tube machine knitting! I love your helpful videos! I have only tested a few yarns on my new addi express professional but I’ve noticed most of my yarn choices constantly snag in the machine. I’m not sure if it’s because the way the yarn is spun or if I’m doing something wrong. I have yet to get a hold of Vanna’s Choice – it’s my next yarn purchase for sure since I know you have much luck with it. But even so, have to ever experienced this snag problem and if so, do you have any advice on how to prevent or fix it? Also, sorry if you’ve covered this somewhere on your website or videos. If you have, I’d love the link to read up/listen to what you have to say about it. 🙂 Thanks!

    • You know… I’ve mentioned it a couple times here and there but haven’t focused on it. Adding weight to the bottom of pesky yarn helps tremendously! There are actual yarn weight for knitting machines that you can purchase but I just clip whatever to the bottom! (Ex: I’ve tied 2 electric hand mixer beaters together and hung them from clothespins clipped them to the bottom of the work.)

      • When searching around online I did see some ideas about adding weight. I guess I didn’t explain that the yarn is splitting and snagging. Even if I watch it carefully and the handle spins easily, it will still occasionally happen. Unfortunately by the time I’ve noticed it, I’m a few stitches past the spit yarn stitch and still learning the machine and nervous to back track, knowing I’ll probably mess up the stitches anyway. I will try Vanna’s choice as well as some weights with the current yarn I’m using. I’m hoping it will help enough or that I notice no issues with Vanna’s choice. Thank you so much for your quick reply!

  3. I replaced the battery in my Addi Express Kingsize . Is there a special battery that you should use? My counter isn’t keeping count all the time now!

    • Skipping is usually because of static. Some people find good luck holding a dryer sheet in your left hand letting the yarn pass through it. My counter is worthless in the winter.

  4. Please I need help. I love my Addi express and have knitted hundreds of socks for the homeless. Now I am struggling as there is one needle that keeps on picking up a stitch below and I only notice it when the work starts to pucker up. It seems to be the same needle which is playing up.
    What should I do ?

    • I’d try replacing that needle. You should have received a few extra needles with your machine but if you can order some if you need to.

  5. how do you trouble shoot what is wrong with the addi. I replaced the handle and it still does not work right. also, IS THERE A COMPANY THAT WILL SERVICE THE ADDI KING.

  6. I was curious to know how often the machine should be cleaned and lubricated? I’ve probably made only 20 hats and while there aren’t any problems, it seems like it isn’t running as smooth and quiet as when I first got it.

    • I don’t think there’s a definitive answer for this. I’ve had mine for years and have only opened up for cleaning and oiling once. It couldn’t hurt check it out. Just be sure to use a grease made for plastics.

  7. I just now received my Addison Pro. Machine and went to crank it when I got to the 3 black needles it was a little harder to crank and made a load clicking noes is there something wrong with it. Please let me know soon thank you for your time.

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