Favorite Non-Essentials for Yarn Craft!

We all have our favorite hooks and/or needles but what gadgets do you LOVE but could live without if you had to?? I have 3 non-essentials that make my yarn craft so much more efficient but since I posted this video, I’ve learned from my subscribers other helpful (and even inexpensive) items that enhance our hobby even more! I’d love to hear from others so share your ideas in the comments below!

In this video, I talk about Clover Pom Pom Makers, a yarn ball winder and a make up brush!

5 thoughts on “Favorite Non-Essentials for Yarn Craft!

    • Actually, it’s called an Addi Express. The smaller one is called the Addi Express Professional and the larger one is the Addi Express King Size. I got mine from eBay but you can Google it for more options.

  1. Margaret, I cannot thank you enough for your videos! I now have both Addi’s and the Singer machine, so am busy making new things! ONE quick question: Using the above information, I want to make a Log Cabin Afghan. HOW best do I connect the tubes? Your finishing method above is wonderful (as I was stumbling around trying to make those ends smooth!) Now, I need to know how to connect each tube into the log cabin motif. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m just using scrap yarns right now, just to get this first effort done as to learn how to connect all the tubes. I am making the tubes with the Addi Pro. Again, thank you so much for your videos, as I am a visual learner and they are a God-send!

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