Tips for Knit and Crochet Charity Donations

What do charities want? What are the guidelines for donated items? Since I’ve served in that capacity, I thought I’d share a few tips and ideas to consider when preparing your gifts. Not sure where to send your much needed items? I describe 3 great options in the video and a bunch more listed below. NOTE: I’m adding links all the time so check back from time to time!

Some Charity Choices


Christina Mills’ Pay-It-Forward Idea:

Needs Yarn and an Addi Express:
Sister Margaret Mary, SJW
St. Joseph Academy
48 Needmore St.
Walton, KY 41094
School Music Program:
Sister’s email:

Christina Zimmerman’s NICU Charity:

Yolanda Soto Lopez

Caring Caps Inc:

Hats 4 The Homeless:

Warm Up America! (Afghans)

Knitting Rays of Hope:

Hat Box Foundation (for cancer patients)

Scarf It Up:


Knit for Peace collects for a number of different groups

Premature babies –

SIBOL – blankets and squares for the elderly in nursing homes


Contact Margaret:

Google+: Margaret Olander
Twitter: @molander1

3 thoughts on “Tips for Knit and Crochet Charity Donations

  1. hello margaret hows it going on the loom knitting for you? well Iam makeing a scarf on my long loom and doing the box stitch design. it comes out like it has ribs on the hole thing. latter I am going to put fringe on both ends. well i just wanted to say hi to you . by for now.

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